YAFFI - new.jpg


*Single white female, blue eyes, looking for companion and permanent residence.*

My name is Yaffi, but you can call me Boogs or whatever you think best fits me, as long as you make me happy I’ll make you happy.

I like long walks, sunshine and cuddling.  I love to snuggle and play and since I don’t really like to share I would love to be the only one in your life.

I’m not perfect but I’m working on my manners! I love it when you give me special treats just for me and I will do almost anything you ask to get them.  Since I can be pretty enthusiastic it would probably be best if my lifemate’s children are over the age of 10.  

When you’re not home I don’t mind chilling in my own personal space and I’ll keep it clean until you get home and we can be together again.  

If interested in Yaffi, please fill out an application!