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Hi! My name is Willy, but they call me Silly Willy. I'm around 2 years or so old, and I've got a ton of energy!  I am the happiest dog in the world and nothing slows me down!  I do have some anxiety - new things scare me.  I do best when I have a routine and I know what to expect.  I sleep in my crate every night, but it really scares me when you leave me in it, so I do best when I have run of the house.  I try to be very polite and I remember my tricks really well, but sometimes I can be very loud so an apartment might not be the best choice for me.  I also am a really good runner, so I'd love to get regular exercise.  I don't jump fences, but if I see a hole, I'll run through it.  If there's not a fence and I'm not on a leash, I'll run and run and I won't stop unless you have cheese.  I'll do pretty much anything for cheese.  I'd do really well as an agility dog or with somebody who wants a running buddy, but I need someone who is going to be very patient with me and help me get over my anxiety and feel safe.  I am on some medications now to help me with my anxiety and they've helped me a lot!  I'd also really like someone who will keep up with the training that my foster parents started, and someone who understands that I might need that stimulation for the rest of my life.  I love to give kisses and I'm happiest when I'm cuddling you.  I play really nicely with other dogs, but my anxiety gets a little worse when there's a lot going on and I can't keep track of everyone so it'd probably be best if I'm only with one other dog or two at most.  Cats are hit or miss with me because I really like to chase them and most of them don't like to be chased.  I don't hurt them, but I like it when they run.  But small pets -- I do not like those in my house at all and I will not be nice to them.  If you'd like to be my special person and get all the cuddles and kisses you can handle for the rest of my life, and you're patient and kind, please put in an application so we can meet!

Willy is neutered; current with vaccines; on monthly heartworm prevention and microchipped.  His adoption fee is $125