Squirt 1.6.18.jpg
Hi, my name is Squirt!  I'm a girl and I'm one of the runts in my litter, and they say that we're mostly boxer/lab mixes.  Man, I am one of a kind, let me tell you!  I'm not one of the loud puppies in my litter, but I am one of the most playful and active.  My favorite thing to do is come out and play with my foster brother, Willy.  He's my best friend and we run and play chase. I  LOVE people, too, especially the little girl I live with.  I love cuddles and kisses and playing and everything.  I can be a little feisty though, just because I'm small doesn't mean I take lip from my siblings, and I'll stand up for myself. I'm also very brave and I never hesitate about checking new things out or going exploring.  I can't wait to meet my new family! I  promise I'll love you even more than you love me and I'll be the best friend you could ever want!