Adoptable Sophie
I am Sophie and this is my story.I am now almost 5 months old, I don’t know my birthdate, but I can say for sure that my real life started the day I was delivered to the people at Toledo’s PET Bull Project.You see someone had me, but didn’t take care of me very well, I was skinny and scared and all cut up from something…. they just gave me away, like I didn’t even matter.I couldn’t tell anyone what had happened to me but they could tell I was really scared. They made me take a bath and then this lady they call my foster mama took me home with her.I didn’t know how to act in a home. Everything was scary, the dogs there, strange noises, doorways, even sneezes scared me outta my wits at first.My mama made me a nice quiet room of my own and tempted me with yummy stuff to get me to start eating.After a little while I started to trust her, then I started to trust my doggy foster brother too and found out he could teach me stuff and that he would play with me!I had a hard time learning the potty rules…I didn’t know I was supposed to only go outside, but I am doing a lot better now and sometimes even ASK to go out!I have learned how to play and cuddle and act like a puppy should. My foster brother is my best friend- but don’t tell the foster mama.I heard mama say I am a “special needs” kind of girl…. I think that means I would really like to go home with someone who is kind and patient with me. Somewhere that I can have a quiet place of my own when I need it. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I am a really good girl and I would love for someone to teach me stuff. -- Sophie

Sophie is a sweet girl that has suffered some untold trauma in her young life.  She will need someone understanding and patient to help her master all the “good dog” behaviors we desire in our companions.  She loves people and gets along well with other dogs and children.  She is still learning her leash manners and working on sit and come.  She is still scared during car rides, but we are working on that as well as conditioning her to accept startle type noises (sneezes, coughing). If ever there was a dog who needed a special home of her own, this is the girl. – The Foster Mama

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