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Me name is Sasha.  I is a 2 year old boxer mix who was saved from life as a Mama doggie.  I is looking for a lifetime family of my own like my puppies gots for themselves. Me is real proud of my pups,but now me wants what theys gots.  So my foster mama told me to tells you whats I likes to be doing and stuff so here we go... 
I is a big girl puppy and do NOT potty in the house box, I KNOW where my potties go and I knows how to tell you I need to be doing it too.  I likes to go for walks, especially the park walkies that foster Mama takes me on. I likes to ride in the rolling box and mind my manners real good like.

I live in a house with big doggies and little puppies.  I loves playing with the big puppies in Foster mama's house box and with the little squirts too. And I sure do loves me some humans.  Big humans and little humans.  I is good with them both.  But somestimes I need a little more time to get to know and love them.  Not long but sometimes I get ascared and need time to warm up to humans I don’t know well. 

I has manners and am a good girl and really want a furever and always family. Do you want a furever and always Sasha? Cause I is right here! To talk to Foster Mama about Sasha,  fills out the online form below!  Bark at you later!

Sasha is spayed; current with vaccines; on monthly heartworm prevention and microchipped.  Her adoption fee is $125