Toledo's Pet Bull Project offers 1-2 hour pet safety class to kids of all ages. Our instructors do presentations and classes to help keep kids from being bitten, to be safe around pets and also to show them how to treat dogs "humanely". Participants will learn things like how to read a dog's body language, proper greetings and the importance of responsible pet ownership.

We have an exciting and entertaining program that is filled with handouts, game shows, DVD clips and fun activities. To encourage participation we do our best to make sure that these classes are fun and engaging.

The Pet Safety Class also covers what it means to own a pet, how much it costs, time commitment and more. 

To find out more about this class or presentation or to schedule a class/presentation in your school, church, etc, please contact Michelle Tremmel at or 567-315-8051. We would love to show you the entire program. These classes/presentations can be altered to fit your needs. 

Pet Safety Class Registration

Toledo's Pet Bull Project will provide a pet safety class at our Education Center for kids ages 5-11. This class will include videos, games, handouts and more!

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Contact our program coordinator, Michelle Tremmel, for more information at 567-315-8051

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Classes take place on the 4th Saturday of each month from 11:00am until noon. Please indicate the date on which you plan to attend.