Adoptable Naomi
STOP RIGHT THERE! I am who you are looking for! I am all that and a bag of kibble. I have manners, know where my “business” belongs and all that jazz. But most of all, because you KNOW I am the “ONE” for you. Don’t deny it. I’m old enough to know better….and I prove that daily. I’m not big on the whole barking thing, I mean I *can* of course, but I don’t bark my fool head off like some. Some dogs just never know when to let it alone and sometimes I tell them to just be quiet and to come lay down and enjoy the dog life like me. I’m the cute, quiet one you’ll brag to your friends about. Trust and believe.
I even entertain myself with a bone or squeaky toy when left to my own devices. I do not need a “room” or kennel or whatever you call those crate things but will use them if it would make you happier. I am active. I love to play ball, go for walks, play tug-a-war with ropes. But also, just love my ears rubbed while sitting in the sun or watching the talking box with those shows my foster mama watches at night.
I love all humans. I am careful around the smaller humans and like to sleep right by them to keep them safe. And I am very playful with the bigger humans and love to sleep with them….if they let me **grinning** One thing I don't like is cats so my forever home needs to be cat free.

So basically, you truly need not to look any further as I am exactly what you want. I am YOUR ride or die. I am your girl! Agree?