Nala aka Snow

"Princess Nala. She is sweet. Her temperament is gentle. She loves kids of all ages. She is completely deaf. She knows how to sit and shake, using sign language. She is housebroken. She sleeps all night long, with no issues. She has her own XL kennel and sleeps in it at night and during the day when we are away from our home. She puts herself to bed sometimes when she is tired. We leave her kennel open all day so she can come and go if she wants. She is an ?on the furniture? dog and loves to snuggle, really snuggle. She is a love bug. She walks great on a leash. She had a heart on her nose?the best God given decoration ever. She has zero manners with other dogs because she is deaf and has been an only dog prior to our home. She wants to jump into the face of other dogs and play, play, play. She cannot hear when another dog growls, so she can?t hear their warning. She will need a slow introduction with another dog. She is still a puppy?about 1 year old. She still wants to chew on bones. Toys and stuffed animals last about 10 minutes. She LOVES to play ball outside with a tennis ball and will return it. She will play until YOU are tired. She rides great in a car and goes everywhere with me. Everyone loves her, young and old. She can be approached by anyone, with no worries of biting. She has a gentle soul. Being a white dog, when she gets excited, her face turns pink?like blushing. Vet says it’s normal. She is beautiful and we are praying for her to find the perfect home for forever. We are hoping for her to be with kids as she loves them so much. She loves to lay under the kitchen table to play with toys. "