Max 12.2017.jpg
Hi, I'm Max! They say I'm a 5 year old chihuahua, but my foster mom thinks I look and act more like a toy fox or rat terrier. I love to cuddle and give kisses, but I like playing just as much. I chew antlers and other bone like toys.I like to carry around my favorite bear and hide it from the other dogs, and I will toss toys in the air and chase them.I really am a fun "little man" as foster mom likes to call me.I am good with all people after a little warm up.I play with my kitten friend, and am learning to play with the big dogs.That's taking a little while though, because I get scared as soon as they decide to play with me.I think I would prefer someone closer to my size.I don't like to be crated, but will go in for a treat, and eventually I settle down.I am also getting better at going outside every time the big dogs go out.Actually, I'm starting to enjoy running around the back yard with them.