Hi, my name is Hattie and I’m a lucky girl. I was found wandering on a set of railroad tracks, in the middle of the night on May 7, 2019. I was in bad shape. I had two large ulcerated mammary tumors that were seeping. I was in a lot of pain. After I was rescued, I went to the vet and eventually had major surgery. Turns out I had a really bad case of mastitis. I had two long incisions closed with staples and tubes sticking out but I started feeling better right away. A couple of weeks later, I was spayed. Now I’m all healed up and a happy dog. Really glad don’t have to wear that silly cone around my head anymore. I’m so happy to be living in a home where I get meals every day. You might think I look a little on the skinny side but I’ve gained a lot of weight since being rescued. I especially like it when I get treats. Since I’m finally healed up my foster mommy has been working on basic obedience commands. I know how to sit. I’m also potty trained. I like to go for walks but I am a strong girl and I’m still learning how to walk nicely on a leash. I’m good in my crate. I’d much rather curl up on the couch with my foster mommy but I’m not allowed to be out and about the house when no one is home. You might have to trick me with treats to get me to go into my crate but I won’t try to escape. I don’t bark or howl when I’m in there. I might whine a little but not for long. You might hear me snore once I’m really comfortable. I’m learning how to play, but most times I run past the frisbee. I just get the zoomies when I’m really happy.