Fuji 11.4.17.jpg
Hi!  My name is Fuji. They think I’m around 5 years old, but my foster mom thinks I might be a bit younger since I like to play so much.  I'm a Chihuahua and used to live in Texas, but lost my home because of mean old Harvey.  I’ve been a very good boy; don’t potty in the house, chew up stuff, or bark at everything.  When I have to go potty I patiently stare at my humans and wait for them to figure it out.  Then when they ask if I want to go outside, I hightail it over to the door and spin in circles.  I am not fond of car rides and I am not crated in my foster home.

I really like my furry foster siblings.  There’s 3 other doggies and a cat.   I really like playing with the others, especially the puppy.  I even like to play with the kitty.  The grandpa dog likes to be left alone so I respect his space.  I don’t know any tricks or commands, but my foster family is teaching me (I just learned to sit, isn’t that cool!).  I am working on not pulling when on a walk, but the only reason I pull is because I love going for walks.
My ideal family would be one that will play with me a LOT and keep up with the training my foster parents started so I can become the bestest doggie around.  If that’s you, complete an adoption application at www.toledospetbullproject.com/adoption-info/If you are interested in meeting and/or adopting Fuji, please complete an adoption application.